Insta Update

Insta Update

Da wir heute den ganzen Tag auf der Universität sein werden, gibt es heute ein kleines Insta Update. 🙂

Today we’ll be at university the whole day, so here you have an Insta Update of the last few weeks 🙂

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image-105image-92image-93 image-106 image-94
1. What I want. What I need. What I’m craving for. / 2. Swarovski Shopping! / 3. Yummy! We love sushi! / 4. Midnight Tea 🙂 / 5. Such a wonderful day!
image-95 image-96image-97 image-104 image-103
6. Schloss Schönbrunn <3 / 7. Already tired? / 8. Good morning! / 9. Just do it!!! / 10. Life is what you make out of it.
image-102 image-101image-98 image-99 image-100
11. Always look up, you could miss something interesting. / 12. Remembering my beloved ones. / 13. First breakfast outside / 14. Stupidity 😉 / 15. Cafe au Lait in the afternoon – Power up!



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