My favourite trends for Autumn (and where to get them)

My favourite trends for Autumn (and where to get them)

My favourite trends for Autumn (and where to get them)

The skinny Scarf

It’s true that the skinny scarf isn’t much help against the cold, since well, it’s very thin. Despite that, I really love this new way of “playing” with new things in fashion with its many possibilities to know, wear and combine it. What he misses in heat, he really makes up with its ultimate style that upgrades every outfit. When I saw it at Saint Laurent, I quickly searched for a better version that suits my budget and Zara was my first go to brand. And stay tuned, ‘cause you will see their scarf, styled by me really soon.



Culottes – transitioning to Autumn

I find that culottes are really difficult to wear. Sometimes really difficult to style and especially when you’re plus-size like me, it’s even more difficult to even find a pair in Vienna. But once you found a pair that suits you and you even manage to style it great, culottes can do something unbelievable great. The make you look cool, edgy, laid back and elegant at the same time. What makes it even better: Just change slip-ons and that shirt and wear some great boots and a long sleeved top (maybe a turtleneck?) and you have the ultimate autumn uniform.



The Turtleneck’s return

Speaking of turtlenecks. Though classic and timeless (as you can see, Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look), this season is really the comeback of the shirt, that’s both stylish and keeps you warm. Again there are so many possibilities (chunky, long neck,..) but my favourite is the plain one in only one colour, and with a short neck. And this trend also made it to the big fashion houses like H&M and of course Zara, so you really get to choose from a great range.



Fake fur everywhere

Please be carful when styling or buying this fall trend piece. I am sure, that on the runway loads of coats where robed with real fur, but since I am completely against wearing real fur, I will only watch out for the fake version. Especially since it’s equally stylish. But back to the real topic: this season you can see fake fur everywhere: on jackets, on coats, on collars, in the middle and on the end of your sleeve, sort of like a cuff (even on shoes, but that’s not really my thing). And you can even skip the scarf in autumn. When winter comes, just take a sweater and a scarf underneath and you are good to go for the next few months. Great!



fashion-collage-Midi-Heel-boot-autumn-2015The midi – heel

My prayers were being heard! A shoe that’s not usually either flat or super high, but rather in the middle, so you can walk for hours and hours through the city and watch the leaves fall down. When it’s a bit warmer I really love both the Chanel lady loafers (sigh!) and the lace-up ones that really remind me of Altuzarra and Beatrice has already worn the budget friendly ones from Zara. When the time has come and it’s getting colder just combine two trends and get some great ankle boots or thigh high boots with a midi-heel. Comfy and super cool.


xx Jasmin

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