Jatrice-chicken-soup-recipe-1 Okay this recipe is different from all the others we shared with you till now. It’s not vegan nor vegetarian, when uou put noodles inside the soup it isn’t  even low carb. But since I’ve been sick in bed last week, I immediately  went to make my number one soup to make my feel better again. The funny thing is, that normally you get this kind of soup when you’re a kid and don’t feel well and since it reminds you of your childhood you also like it when you grow up. But my mother never made me chicken soup (she doesn’t like cooked chicken) and still it’s the one thing I love the most, when I’m ill.  ????


 So what do you need?

  • A pack of chicken drumsticks (you can also take a whole chicken if you like)
  • A portion of mirepoix
  • if you like: even more carrots

If you like: noodles


And the rest is pretty easy ????

Just skin the chicken chopsticks, or the soup will get greasy. Peel the carrots and then put everything (except for the noodles) together in a big pot. Fill everything with water, the water should be about five centimeters  higher than the ingredients. Then let everything cook for about twenty minutes. You just fave to take off the froth (like you see in the pic above), so the soup won’t taste bitter in the end. You know when it’s ready when you take out a big carrot or a chicken and try to cut it. You can also add some soup powder if the tase is too mild – but I like it more natural.

When you’re ready put out everything and slice the chicken and the carrots. Meanwhile start cooking the noodles. Then put everything back in the pot again (or at least those things you want to have in your soup ???? )

Then let everything cook for another minute and you’re ready to eat! ????


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