Hidden Kitchen

Hidden Kitchen

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After a break of two weeks we finally managed to try out a new breakfast location. We quickly decided to go to a restaurant called Hidden Kitchen. There are two ones based in Vienna: the first one is in the first district at the Färbergasse and the second one is in the third district in the Invalidengasse. Only the second one offers breakfast as well as a daily menu. As we arrived at the Hidden Kitchen they were restoring the front and also the interior design was really nice because oft he light walls and the light furniture. We felt very comfitable there. The service of the restaurant is quite different, because you have to order your food at the counter, where you also have to pay and then they take it to your table. The breakfast menu offers different variations for porridge, but they also have salmon bagels, muesli and lots of other stuff. This time we decided to try out their porridge – Elvis and Priscilla (how matching!) Like you can see at the pictures, they presented it in a beautiful way. And it also tastes very delicious, although they had been very generous with the peanut butter. At the end of your meal, you also have to put your things away on your own, but that was really okay with us. We can really recommend the Hidden Kitchen and want to try their daily menu as well.

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