Some me-time

Some me-time

Jasmin-new-n ails-acryl-autumn-shade-hungary

It’s cold, it’s raining and autumn (or with some temperatures even winter) has arrived. Every time it gets colder outside I love to spoil myself with some “me-time”. This can include a chill afternoon with some tea and biscuits or even a manicure. And since I’m one of these lucky girls, that need to freshen up their nail polish every second day (no matter if it’s Dior or OPI), I love solutions that don’t need me worrying about them all the time. Especially in my job it’s important to look “clean” all the time and that doesn’t include chipped polish that reminds me of my school days.

So I took a day of, first staring with a breakfast at my oldest friends place. Then we visited her horse and spent some time at the ranch. Which was especially great since it was like a time-out from the city air and noise. And last but not least we drove to Hungary and I got my very fast professional manicure. Can you believe that? But I really loved getting pampered for about an hour. To make my nails also a bit stronger I chose Shellack and it’s really beautiful and shiny.

So I have now three free weeks without (nail-) worries 🙂

xx Jasmin

PS: Yes, I don’t think I will become a hand model ever, but really how do you pose only with your hands? And it had be really quick today, when I’m done writing, I have to rush to the cinema, we’re seeing a broadcast of Hamlet live from London with Benedict Cumberbatch. A bit of Britain in Vienna!




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