“Where’s your motivation coming from?”

“Where’s your motivation coming from?”

“Where’s your motivation coming from?”


Do you know that feeling? When you get up every morning without any motivation to get your day started? Especially while winter’s slowly coming, the sun is hiding behind grey coulds and then you can’t prevent the so called „winter blues“ to come. I’m one of these people too that has to fight against that. However after some years I worked out some tricks trying to prevent these feelings. I wanted to share these with you, so maybe I can help one or the other.

Accept mistakes, that happened
I can just talk to myself now, but one of the biggest problems I have is that I’m always thinking too much about things that happened and didn’t go right. For example an exam that was not as good as I’ve imagined or even just conversations in which I shoud have reacted in another way. I can’t tell you how many nights I have been thinking about what stupid things I’ve said to people. After some time I realized that it doesn’t even care, what have happened. Yes, we all mess up sometimes, but who cares? One day nobody cares about what grade you did get for an exam or what you’ve said to people that day.

Never lose your life goal…
Think about what you want to do with your life. And please don’t let somebody tell you that your dream is too big. What did my old friend Walt Disney say: „If you can dream it, you can do it!“ And he’s right. If you can imagine it to do so, how can people say that you can’t? You know yourself best!

… but don’t think too much about you future
It’s always good to keep an eye on your life goal. But we have to be realistic, it won’t happened within the next few days. It may takes years until you reach just half of it. And yes, it can be depressive, because you want to be much further. Take one step after the other! It’s okay if it takes time, it’s just important that we won’t stop.
Take some time for yourself
And with that I don’t mean that you should lie in bed the whole day. Instead just take yourself one or two hours per day where you can shut down. Read a good book you wanted to read for a long time or make yourself a cup of tea and watch one episode of your favourite series. (Attention: Bingewatching!) I think there’s a big difference between taking some time to rest or not doing anything at all. Because if I don’t do anything the whole day, I really feel bad, because I’ve wasted a whole day.

Looking forward to things
I think there’s nothing more severe than looking into my agenda for the next week and see many exhausting appointments. Then I just want to go to bed again and don’t want to start the week. To motivate myself I started to look forward to many small things like telling myself before an unpleasant date that after that I’m going to see my bestie. I do that with many things and believe me it does help. Another example is that after the next big exam week I’m maybe going on some vacations.

This blog post became longer than I actually planned, but I guess that’s fine. For many people these things are naturally, but some of us have to call it to their mind again and again. Life means lot’s of ups and downs, but that’s okay!

xx Beatrice

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