Frühstück at Joseph 2.0

Frühstück at Joseph 2.0

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It’s been a while, since we last had breakfast at Joseph Brot in the forth district of Vienna. Since then, there have been many changes, and the releases a new breakfast card. Since my parents and I were shopping at Apple in the same area later (sadly not for me :P) we spontaneously decided to have a quick breakfast and try all the new stuff they’re offering. The card is still quite expensive, but everything you can order at Joseph is biological and they have lots of their classic “Joseph bread” which is one of my all time favourites!!

This time I tried eggs Benedict for the first time in my life. Even though the sauce Hollandaise shouldn’t be so liquid, I really enjoyed it and were completely full after. What else can you tell about Joseph? The highlight are their many bread sorts, which you can find in almost all of the classic breakfast variations. Oh and the “Mexican lemonade” with Chia seed just gave me the fresh kick, that I need at 8 am in the morning. 😉

xx Jasmin

PS: I also had to take a few things at home with me. I mean bread, cake, different spreads, the selection is really huge. >.<


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