Cosy Day

Cosy Day


Hello my lovelies,
like our Austrian readers already know, we have national day today and that means all the shops are closed and I will spend my day at home. However that’s okay with me, because I have lot’s of stuff to do for university and I have finally time to go though the subject matter. I will use the day for our blog too. I want to brainstorm some topics, because we have some busy weeks ahead and we would like to „plan“ some posts.
Here you have some photos that happen during an outfit shoot. We need sometimes more than an hour to shoot an outfit, because we do so many stupid things meanwhile so we can’t use half of the picutres. But we don’t mind – we love that!
I wish you a good start fort he week!

xx Beatrice

Version 2FunPics_3 FunPics_1

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