Cirque Rouge Masked Ball

Cirque Rouge Masked Ball

Cirque Rouge Masked Ball


Hi lovelies.

Today we’re opening ball season for us and first on the calendar will be Cirque Rouge, a burlesque masked ball. For those kind of special events I just love to get as much inspiration as possible before preparing and what way is easier to get some ideas, than browsing through Pinterest? And while I was looking through tons of pictures I decided to share some of them with you.

You probably can notice right away that I just love the style of the 1920s and since I’m a huge movie fan as well there had to be some snaps from “Midnight in Paris”, “Moulin Rouge” or “Great Gatsby” in my collection. Even though my dress won’t follow the typical style (I had to find something in plus size and need it for another ball), Beatrice will go all the way and we both have special plans for hair and Make-up.

Sadly we will need to do some stuff for university today too, but you know where you can find us at midnight. 😉

xx Jasmin




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