Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Everyone who’s following us via Pinterest and Tumblr knows, how much we love interior and home decoration. That’ why we also have our own category at jatrice even though there are not that many posts like we wanted to have. We are planning this post for a long time now since we want to show you some of our private interior at home.

Beatrice’s Home

bed linen: Dormando (here)* | pillow: Dormando (here)*

For me there’s nothing more important than having a good sleep. Sometimes I might go to bed too late, and get up too early, but the sleeping time in between has to be good.I don’t like it when I’m lying too low, that’s why I ordered a pillow in size 80 x 80 at Dormando, a german online shop for mattresses, bed linen & many more. Some austrian readers might wonder, since we have a different size for pillows, but I choose them on purpose. I really like the bed linen at Dormando, Zara Home or H&M, but they only sell the germnas sizes. Since I got a fitting pillow I ordered a bed linen made of flanell for winter.

Home_2 Home_5
chairs: Poriton Paris via Westwing

These chairs are from Potiron Paris and I ordered them at Westwing, another online shop. It was really difficult to guess the real colour, so it was a (positive) surprise as soon as I got them delivered home after seven weeks. Their height is 60 cm, that means they are really low and more decoration than a real seat accommondation. However, I really fell in love with the colour and one chair did only cost 60 € – a real bargain.


Jasmin’s Home


I’m living in my flat for more than a year know and I’m still not finished decorating it. But I came to terms with that and when my style changes my flat does too. One of my finished areas is my bed room. Or maybe almost finished, since I still want to do a collage above the bed. But apart from that I just love how everything turned out. The only thing that’s constantly changing is the bed linen but since the last couple of months I’m really into something minimalistic.


Jasmin-interior-inspiration-4linen: Mömax | bedspread: Dormando (here)


The second area, I’m really proud of is my home office. Since I couldn’t find a desk that I loved, I just did it by myself and sprayed the legs gold. Last Christmas I also got an Eames chair with a fleece and now it’s just perfect. Maybe the chair wasn’t the cheapest (okay no maybe there..) but since I have to study and work a lot, it was totally worth it.

I’m thinking about doing another DIY or Ikea hack that I want to  show you step by step as well and watch out, I’m going to need that golden colour again. 😉

*in collaboration with Dormando

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