Syoss Ceramide Complex – Part 1

Syoss Ceramide Complex – Part 1

Syoss Ceramide Complex – Part 1

Syoss_1On the 24th of December we got our first christmas gift early in the morning from our postman. Jasmin and I got the chance to try the new ceramide hair products with the ceramide – keratin – complex by Syoss*, which will be launched soon. The new product line contains four products (Shampoo, conditioner, mousse and hairspray), so we decided that each of us will test two products. And I’m testing the shampoo and conditioner.


My hair is quite thick, but gets thinner due to split ends. Almost every day I’m straining my hair with the heat of a straightener or a curling iron, so the anti hair breakage should be the best care. The product promises stronger hair up to ten times, reducec hair breackage and renews the hair fibres. I’m washing my hair two to three timeas a week and I’ve been testing the shampoo and the conditioner for six weeks now.


My result: After six weeks of using the Syoss anti breakage products, my hair feels really stronger, even the tips. I always had to problem that my hair falls in strands, that’s why I’m often wearing curls, so you can’t see it that much. Although the split ends are still there (of course, it’s no miracle cure) my hair looks healthier. I’m also wearing my hait straight open even though I did not use a curling iron or a straightener. I also got many compliments for how my hair smells. For me the shampoo smells like berries and I like it. I’m going to stay with these products, because it seems to be good for my hair. And the 500 ml bottle will last for a while, I guess.

*in cooperation with Syoss

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