Street of Cherry Blossoms

Street of Cherry Blossoms

Street of Cherry Blossoms

Bershka_Dress_8 “The colour of spring emerge with the first sweet sounds of song birds to fill our winter weary souls; bringing hope, new beginnings, and inspiration.”

I can’t tell you how happy I’m right now due to the weather. Spring is finally here and so is my good mood. The sun is shining most of the time and it’s so beautiful to see all the nature around us get alive again. All the flowers that bloom in yellow, pink, green and white whipe away my black and white view of the world. And together with the chirping of the birds my motivation came back too. I’m so motivated for the blog (I have so many ideas for new blogposts), for learning (!) and I have so many looks for spring I want to show you. Like this one today! I have fallen in love with that so called midi dresses a long time ago, but I have never dared to wear them. You know, that dress really feels like a second skin and you can see every little problem zone of your body. To be honest, I tried to cover every part of it with my jacket, until Jasmin took away my jacket. Even though the weather is not that good today I’m still motivated for the upcoming week!

Bershka_Dress_6 Bershka_Dress_1 Bershka_Dress_7 Bershka_Dress_3 Bershka_Dress_2 Collage_Bershka_Dress
Dress: Bershka (here) | jacket: Mango (similar here) | shoes: Adidas Superstar (here) | bag: Ralph Lauren (here)

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