Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!


Trick or treat!
How did you spend Halloween this year? We abandoned our traditions and did not spend our night with popcorn and Freddy Krüger on Elm Street. We didn’t wait for dressed up children to knock at our doors, even though they never came so we had all the sweet for ourselves. (Are children still collecting candy at Halloween?) This year we decided to go out again. The last time we went to a party we dressed up as zombies. However our costumes had been very bad, so we wanted to do better this year. Like you can see Jasmin is dressed up as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction and Beatrice as a colourful skeleton on the Mexican Dia de los Muertos. We had a pretty good night, hopefully you too 😉

happyhalloween4 happyhalloween1 happyhalloween3 happyhalloween2

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