An ode to Autumn

An ode to Autumn

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This week we are really lucky and the weather is sunny but freezingly cold. Unfortunately I’m one of these people, that don’t really work with numbers regarding the temperature, and just lookoutside the window to choose what they are going to wear for the day. Oh and yes that led to me having a cold in winter all the time..haha Well with my 24 years I finally learned a bit and with this one simple trick I’m still able to wear my favourite bomberjacket (just look at this orange, brightens the mood instantly!). I just throw on a cape over my jacket and tadaa, I’m warm again.

Since I’m mostly cold indors as well, I just leave on my bomber jacket and still show my outfit. Luckily I also have a bit of orange in my Burberry scarf, so it matches perfectly. The rest I just kept casual and sporty: boyfriend jeans and Stan Smith. You can never go wrong with those. 😉

I hope you guys have a great day, mine is pretty shitty, but later in the evening I’m going to meet Beatrice and we will go and see Jake Bugg live. Speaking of concerts…omg.. there will be so many great concerts in Vienna next year, I can picture us broke but always in the first row haha

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