DIY: Advent wreath

DIY: Advent wreath

How time flies – in a few days we already celebrate the first advent. So I’m showing you a little DIY advent wreath or at least a „how to pimp your advent wreath“.


For me christmas always means gold, silver and a lot of glitter. Most of the time I choose a traditional advent wreath, that means a normal fir wreath with candles and some bling bling. But let us be honest? When you try to buy an advent wreath at a store there’s always something wrong with it. Either you don’t like the colours or you don’t like the decoration on it. And the most precious ones are really expensive.

So I started creating an advent wreath on my own.


I bought a simple fir wreath at a store. This one already had the candles and some fir cones on it. (It also had a tie on it, but I already removed that.) The price for a fir wreath with candles was the same than without candles. Then I got my christmas box, which gets fuller and fuller with every year, and put out all the stuff that would might fit on my advent wreath. I decorated it and then I fixed it with a glue gun. So it’s cat secure too!


It’s so simple to design your own advent wreath to your own desires. Maybe it is some inspiration for you too!

xx Beatrice

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