That Pleated Life

That Pleated Life


You can see almost every blogger wearing them again and the old ones in my closet are looking forward to come out again. The pleatedĀ skirt is back!! Okay I don’t know if it ever left (at least not for me) but this winter you can see it everywhere with super cozy sweaters to keep you warm. Okay this time I combined it with a thinner version but to be fair, when these pictures were taken it wasn’t as freezing as it is today. But don’t worry I have a lot of skirts and sweaters at home, so I will show you the “real” combination too.

Now about my outfit. I really like the colour of the skirt and the pattern, but believe me I had quite a hard time to find something to wear with it. Since I didn’t want to go too dark, I decided on a mixture of brown and black tones. Okay is there really something as black tones? haha
You may have wondered why I don’t wear a coat in any of the pictures. To be honest I am still looking for the perfekt long coat (they are always to short for skirts, or way to long) so I just ditched it for the pics and froze a little.

Speaking of freezing. It’s super cold today but since I am stuck at home with tons of work I will just cuddle up with a nice blanket. I hope you can enjoy your bank holiday a bit more šŸ˜‰


jasmin-plise-skirt-8 jasmin-plisee-skirt-4 jasmin-plisee-skirt-7-kopie jasmin-plisee-skirt-1a

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