3.Advent: Christmas Face Swap

3.Advent: Christmas Face Swap


Okay are we the only ones, or is this Christmas time just rushing by this year? Third advent Sunday already? Have you guys prepared everything for Christmas? We definitely haven’t, but you shouldn’t forget that Christmas time should also be a time of enjoying, relaxing and getting inspiration. For instance, you don’t really know yet what to wear or how to do your make-up on Christmas eve? Well today, we have the solution for you.

So we sat down and tried a very known format for many beauty vloggers called “face swap”.
For those of you who don’t know it yet, it’s pretty simple. You do your make up but you swap faces, so you do each others make up instead of your own. And believe us, that’s more difficult and fun than you imagine at first. I mean who did their friends makeup lately…the whole make up? You definitely need a little practice. 😛
So you can look forward not only to super easy christmas looks that you can easily try yourself but also lots of nonsense and conversations between the two of us. We  hope you like it.




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