Bodycon Stripes

Bodycon Stripes

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Hey lovelies, today I have a different type of outfit for you. Like Beatrice told you already, we were facing special weather conditions this time. So if you see me with a suffering look on one of the pictures (like I think I have on the 500 pics that didn’t make it into this post) it’s due to the super freezing cold and wind.

The second challenge I was facing this time: the dress. I have to admit, that I am one of those people that get hooked up on sites like JustFab and even though I’m broke or I’m not looking for something new (okay when I am really not looking for something new?) I forget the put my account on pause and so in a few months I was building up some credit by accident.  So last autumn I decided to spend a bit of that and discovered this dress. You know the moment when you see something online, are super unsure if the piece of clothing is something for you, but you want to be brave? Well that was me when I just ordered that dress. So it took some time to wear it or even shoot ist and when I first wore it at a family dinner I got comments like “well it appears a bit bulky” or “aren’t you annoyed how it accentuates your belly?”.

But I don’t even have to hear these comments from somebody else, because they plop up in my head the second I look at myself in the mirror. And a year ago this would have probably led to me never wearing the dress and letting it rot in the closet. But I worked a lot to feel comfortable in my body and accepting my curves and my bumps is part of that. Yeah the dress accentuates my belly, but it also shows my silhouette and my curves! And I know there are a few pics where the dress sits perfectly and you don’t really see the curve of my belly that much and on others the dress moved when I was walking and it looks like I’m pregnant. But it is really important for me to show you both pics without shaping my body on Photoshop and making a smaller belly or slimmer tights. Because at the moment this is my body and you know what? That’s totally fine.

Jasmin-striped-dress-2 Jasmin-striped-dress-4

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