Multiple Layers

Multiple Layers

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Good morning, lovelies!
Actually I have planned a different post for you, but due to technical issues I had to change the weeks, so you will see that post next thursday. So today I’m showing you another outfit that we shot during the everlasting cold. However the real highlight about this outfit is not the outfit itself, but the fact that we took the photos with Jasmin’s new camera. As you can see, we still have some problems with the focus, but we will fix that soon. Also my macbook had some real problems with the new camera. My photoshop seemed to be outdated, and I even couldn’t solve the problems with updates, so long story kept short: My laptop got so slow, that I had to renew it. And I forgot to save the images for the planned post today, stupid me 😉
However, I take it with humor, because now my macbook works like it’s new!
I kept my outfit very clean, like most of the time during winter, but in my opinion it’s not so easy to dress warm and stylish at the same time. You can’t imagine how many layers I’m really wearing, but my absolute highlight is my jeans. I ordered it at Zalando and it’s from the brand new look petite, so that means, the jeans has been tailored especially for „short“ people like me. Many short women might know this problem: when you want to buy yourself a new peair of jeans in a local store, the jeans are always too long! And so called ankle jeans are the perfect length for us short people. So now I can proudly say: I’m owning a real ankle jeans! (Actually a real beautiful one – doesn’t the flowers look georgeous?)

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