All is Love

All is Love

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“All is love” or in other words, I had no clue for a title for this outfit and somebody wrote that on the wall behind me. 😉 Because I can tell you something, no spring feels that took over me yet. Quite the opposite actually, for those of you that follow us on Instagram you all know that after taking these pictures, my day just went downhill. I don’t wanna repeat myself (or bore you guys) so if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just head to our Instagram, ’cause under the latest picture I just poured out my soul. A picture that I wanted to share in this post as well but it didn’t quite fit in with the others. Because it’s belly free…boom…like you can see in the pictures if I move up my arms, this top can be pretty short. So another risky outfit for me (and if I looked around me apparently for some other people as well haha). But don’t worry this time no woman asked me on the street if I went topless (which actually happened when we shot our latest fuck the size, I had a bigger cleavage and my coat was hiding my top haha).

But that wasn’t the only “special” thing about my outfit. When I had a coffee (or two or three) later with a friend between writing at university, one of the waitresses complimented me on my slippers. Which led to my friend turning to me in shock and saying that he thought I just found them in the corners of my closet and didn’t know what to actually do with those “ugly shoes”…that’s the great thing about fashion, we all have different tastes, especially some men haha. But I have decided that I only want to wear what I like and what I’m in the mood for a long time ago, so these days I can only laugh about comments or situations like these. 😉

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