Under the Cherry Blossoms – Part 1

Under the Cherry Blossoms – Part 1

Under the Cherry Blossoms – Part 1


Cherry blossoms… the are finally here again (or are they gone again, you know this pictures are already 3 days old haha). It feels like these pretty pretty trees flourish for four days in the time of a year (the trees we took the pictures at, are actually one of the last in Vienna to bloom). So thousands of people and bloggers are coming to take pictures and of course we were there too. Luckily we picked a day that wasn’t too sunny, so there weren’t too many people there. The whole thing must be pretty funny for those who live nearby and see the picture craziness…but what can we say? Cherry blossoms are just the ultimate proof of spring!

Unlike my face…don’t ask me what was going on, but this was one of the most difficult shootings in ages. Okay, I have to admit, I was pretty unsure about the outfit. Yes the belt is one of a kind, but it is also made of stretch material in the back…so what woman that is a bit more curvy (well probably one who isn’t curvy would feel it as well) isn’t in danger of feeling like a sausage? Yes I said it: a sausage…and my straight hair didn’t help much this time. xD But thank god I had Beatrice with me (in moments of these I am so super happy to do this all with my best friend) and after a lot of trying different angles and stuff we managed to take a few nice pictures. (Btw I’m not showing this text to her, since she will probably tell me that I talk nonsense and the pictures turnt out pretty anyway. But you know, sometimes you can’t loose that feeling.)

However I certainly don’t want to give up on the belt and maybe try the outfit on another day, when I’m not running from A to B (yes I’m basically living at the library) and not quite feeling myself. ‘Cause the thing with experimenting is, that it’s a lot more difficult to do on those days, when you just want your comfy outfits (that you can also maybe hide in). But enough of my whining, maybe I just need to go into the sun a bit and everything looks a lot better instantly. 😉

cherryblossom-belt-8 cherryblossom-belt-12 cherryblossom-belt-14  cherryblossom-belt-13cherryblossom-belt-9

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