Easter in Italy: Pastiera Napoletana

Easter in Italy: Pastiera Napoletana

Easter in Italy: Pastiera Napoletana


In a few days we are celebrating easter again! Many of us are going to celebrate with the family and friends and of course with a lot of food. Last year we wrote a post about a delicious recipe, that was quite special, so this time we wanted to choose a traditional one!
We, both of Jatrice have a deep connection with Italy due to family/friends or the many days we spent there during our childhood. So we wanted to show you how italians are celebrating easter – with a typical italian recipe, the Pastiera Napoletana.


What you need (for the dough):
250 g flour
60 g sugar
pinch of salt
1 egg
125 g butter
1 TS water
What you need (for the filling):
250 g ricotta
250 g wheat
500 ml milk
30 g butter
3 eggs
100 g sugar
1 TS cinnamon
20 ml orange blossom water
15 g candied fruits
butter or pan spray for your baking tin




Since there’s no possibility to buy an original Grano Cotto here, (in Italy you get that in every supermarket), start with heating the wheat in milk and add some butter. It needs some time to get soft, so keep an eye on it and add some more milk when needed. In the end you decide, who soft you like it best!
Then you have to sieve the flour, add butter, one egg, a bit of salt and water and the sugar so you can knead everthing into a dough. Don’t forget: the colder short pastry is, the better! So try to work as quickly as possible.
For the filling you have to sperate three eggs and beat the whites. Mix the yolks together with the ricotta, the sugar, the cinnamon, the orange blossom water and the candied fruits. Add the cooked wheat and the beaten white.
Roll out two thirds of the dough and fill the baking tin that you have to grease with some butter or a baking spray. Don’t forget to make some holes with a fork! Fill the baking tin with the filling!
You can cut the rest of the dough into stripes to create a lattice and put the cake into the oven for about 45 minutes. (180 °C top/bottom heat) Every oven works different so keep an eye on your cake to be sure about it. After that you just have to decorate you cake with some sugar and you’ve finished your own traditional Pastiera Napoletana.

PastieraNapoletana_4 PastieraNapoletana_5 PastieraNapoletana_6 PastieraNapoletana7

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