Fuck The Size – ‘Ruffled’

Fuck The Size – ‘Ruffled’

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Happy weekend lovelies! Although we wanted to call our next #FUCKTHESIZE “Ruffled Spring”, those of you that live in Austria or near by, know that it hasn’t been spring at all. More like winter and snow storms. Since we live in constant denial, we just moved our shoot indoors and ignored the weather (seriously: how long can it really be that cold?).

Since we only had a white wall behind us, we wanted to try something new, “Online Shopping photography” so to say. But posing like on Asos, Ivyrevel, H&M & Co. was definitely something new for us. How do you like the clean look? Even though we decided spontaneously on the new shooting location, it maybe was the best idea, since the clean background really steers the focus on our ruffles. We just love the playful, a bit bohemian trend, but this time it wasn’t easy to find a top for either of us. Jasmin used her not so secret “secret weapon” Asos to find the perfect top and this time even Beatrice hat trouble finding her ruffled love. But finally Mango had the perfect top for spring. You know how it is, most trends just take a little more time to come to Austrian stores…haha As you can see, these tops are super easy to combine: a pair of jeans, open hair or up-do, it doesn’t matter, these ruffles have all the attention (and can also conceal a few parts if you want them to 😉 )

fts_ruffles_7collage_fts_ruffles_3 collage_fts_ruffles_4 fts_ruffles_9  collage_fts_ruffles6 Kopiefts_ruffles_10 collage_fts_ruffles_7

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