Totally Basic?

Totally Basic?

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Good morning lovelies! I’m on the train right now, on my way to the spa. “Only” for a day but I really needed a time out!! When I handed in my thesis, I had to deal with the bureaucratic nightmare that is the University of Vienna and on top of that I work both for money and voluntarily. To juggle all of that makes my mind go crazy from time to time, especially since I started to think about what’s happening next. Finishing my studies feels like a big end, so I’m thinking about going into new directions work wise as well. Or maybe another schooling? You see I’m very torn these days. Which I also look like in the pictures, totally confused..haha In my defense: when we were taking this pictures, and it was my time, sun decided to come out and apparently my eyes can’t deal with the light anymore 😛

Maybe you’ve asked yourself why I called this outfit “Totally Basic?”. If you look at it closely you can see, that I only combined classic “basics”: the white shirt, a destroyed boyfriend jeans and a cross body bag. But since I am plus size I had to look for these so called basics for years. It’s not really easy to find a long, straight fittet white shirt, that you can also tuck in on one side, without the whole shirt stretching and looking like it’s too small. Or jeans: normal jeans, yeah, if you know where to look, destroyed jeans, maybe sometimes, but destroyed boyfriend jeans in my size? Forget it! Luckily H&M stocked up their plus size department. I think I bough this bag maybe two years ago, but since then it has been the only cross body bag I own. You know most bags are designed for less body to cross, so when I wear them, I could use them as a bra or maybe as an armpit bag.. Okay maybe not that extreme, but you know what I mean, right? 😛 I really love this bag, especially in summer (cause apparently I’m carrying less stuff with me around when it’s hot outside). I’m looking for a new one, maybe a pop of colour this time? So if you see one, I would be happy if you guys told me 😉

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