One last time

One last time

fishnet_croppedjeans_6collage_bricks_2 fishnet_croppedjeans_91collage_bricks_1 Kopie

Well, what’s going on with the weather? At the beginning of the week I wore long jeans with long sleeves and my leather jacket and at the end of the week I can wear my favourite summer dress. I’m so happy about the heat, but believe me I can feel these big temperature differences. I’m suffering with headaches a lot and I always feel kind of „tipsy“ haha.. I don’t know how to describe it exactly.

What I want to say about my outfit: I just HAD to do it one last time – wearing my beloved fishnet tights. First I wasn’t a big fan of this trend (especially from the ones with the big fishnet), and now I’m sad about the fact that I can’t wear them anymore. (Don’t worry, I have different fishnet socks to wear as well haha) But sometimes you just need some time to fall in love with a new trend.

Years ago I even wouldn’t have worn a croptop with fringes or any piece of cloth with fringes. And now I like wearing it, if it’s not too much so that I feel costumed like a cowgirl. To be honest I love the whole outfit, because with the boyfriend jeans it is so comfy to wear. The black pumps give the outfit a bit of elegance too. Of course you can wear sneakers as well, like I do most of the time, but let us be honest: Who can wear higheels like that for hours? 😉

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