Fuck the size: ‘Culottes’

Fuck the size: ‘Culottes’

Fuck the size: ‘Culottes’

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The last day in May and we did it. Here is our new #FUCKTHESIZE. This time we chose one of the favorite pieces for blogger: culottes. Seriously, these pants normally don’t get enough attention at all. They are perfect for spring, because they’re not to short but still airy and cooling thanks to the wide fit. We both decided to take culottes that go to our calves, so they have the perfect fit. You are maybe a bit shorter in size and culottes are always to long for you? No problem! Jasmin had the same thing and just went to the tailor. Two days later and you have the perfect length.

Beatrice went for a playful, elegant look this time and the dusky pink of her culottes is just the ultimate romantic eye catcher. Jasmin went for a monochrome direction. Curvy women maybe need a bit more courage to go for culottes, but if you combine them well (and watch our for too loose tops), they make a beautiful figure at any size. So you don’t need to be afraid to try something new 😉
(By the way if you want to walk around the city all day, culottes also look good with slippers oder elegant espadrilles).

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