Friendship Goals

Friendship Goals

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“The most beautiful times in life are the small moments, where you can feel that you’re spending your time with the right people.“

Many of you know that we’d both been attending the same school – four years of them even in the same class. But back then we didn’t have a dream start for our friendship – there was no „Hi, I’m Jasmin.“ or no „My name is Beatrice.“ and definitely no „Let’s be friends.“ We don’t even want to repeat the first words we shared. We’d been so different. And even though we had seen each other five times a week for three years, we knew that the other one existed, but actually we didn’t really care about each other. The first time we really got in touch was in our final year, when we’d been stuck together in a class. That was the first time we really started conversations and we quickly noticed, maybe we are not that different. Our final year with our prom and our final exams went by so fast. And the day, we had our oral exams in a black JLo skirt and a pink ruffle dress, still feels like yesterday, even though so many years passed. We used the first months after school for celebrating our freedom and this was the time we really became friends. Unconsciously we just had fun, when the other one was there too.
Now we know each other more than ten years and especially within the last years we built up a strong connection. We experienced lots of ups and downs, we cried and laughed together. Between these years so many people entered and left our lives – but we never lost each other. We belong together like Christmas and the Christmas tree, and we stick together no matter what. We are not only best friends, we are soul mates.

Even our blog „Jatrice“ is part of our friendship and together with our series „fuck the size“ we created something big. And yes, we are proud of it! We want to give people the good feeling they deserve, because everyone’s beautiful!

We are grateful that Cowstyle* gave us the opportunity to create bracelets with our important message. Since there’s the possibilty to engrave something we choose our blog name and of course „fuck the size“. Now we can always keep a part of our friendship with us.

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