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Some time ago, we’ve seen a picture of the Liechtenstein Museum in our Instagram Feed and we decided to shoot our next outfit there. We love that museum since school and unfortunately we couldn’t visit the garden due to an event. Nevertheless even just the front view is amazing. The weather on that day we took the photos wasn’t that good, but I didn’t mind because so I could wear one of my favourite dresses by Ivyrevel.
Though it isn’t the first time Jasmin or I wear a piece of clothes by Ivyrevel we never told you something about the brand. The fashion label is founded by a swedish blogger named Kenza Zouiten. I follow Kenza for years and I guess she is my biggest inspiration in my life. She is not only always uptodate in fashion, but I love the way she keeps her blog. She shows that there is a real life next to the perfect blogger world. A world, where you have to fight your inner laziness to do sport, where you eat junk food and where you have to cope with family problems. When I’m reading her blog it’s like I’m reading the blog of a friend. The day I heard that she established a fashion label I knew immediately that I want most of her clothes in my closet. The prices are not that cheap, especially when she started cooperating with the H&M Group, but I still can’t resist to buy some pieces. I just love to be a revelista!

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