Fuck the Size: ‘Floral Midi’

Fuck the Size: ‘Floral Midi’

Fuck the Size: ‘Floral Midi’

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It’s the end of the month, and you know what that means. It’s time for another #fuckthesize. This time we picked out some skirts to compare – but no mini oder maxi skirts, that have had their comeback the past few years – this time it’s all about the midi. Midi skirts have this special thing about them, that makes them look elegant and cool at the same time, but we do know that not everybody likes them as much as we do…now. A few years, well even a few months ago, Beatrice feared that she is too short for a midi and Jasmin owned a few for quite some time, but wasn’t confident enough to wear it in public. Cause you have to know, if you wear a midi, people will definitely look at you! Especially if you wear flared ones like we do, but our favourite midi is tight around the stomach and gets bigger the way down, till it ends mid calf. Of course if you choose elegant ones like we do, they best go with high heels, but for long summer days, there are still a lot styles that go with sneakers at well.

By the way, when we were taking these pictures we were kind of the new attraction in town, so the best feature of a midi is self confidence for sure. In the end we got a lot of compliments as well and the most important thing: we were comfortable in our skin and had a great time…and that’s really what it’s all about!



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  • 2 years ago

    Diese Outfits stehen euch beiden ausgezeichnet! <3 tolle Serie, die ihr da ins Leben gerufen haben! Alles Liebe,
    Jasmin von maryjay.at

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