Fuck The Size: “Playsuits”

Fuck The Size: “Playsuits”

Fuck The Size: “Playsuits”

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How time flies – July’s over and August ist finally here and even though we wanted to update our blog regularly we wanted to enjoy our summer too. All the people that know us a bit longer know that during summer we’re always posting less. And to be honest it’s not because we’re always away, it’s more about the fact we don’t always feel that comfortable. You know, the warmer it gets, the less clothes you wear and then you have to show your problem zones to the world.

However, our view changed and of course you can see that too since we’re always talking about body positivity. But we still have days, where we don’t feel „good enough“: For example Jasmin always tried to hide her legs in long, wide pants during summer and she never thought that she would ever wear a playsuit. Nevertheless she still has problems to see herself in such an unusual outfit. (well, she still does not get used to the fact she shows her legs).

Apropos playsuits – can you believe that Jasmin’s playsuit is from Primark? Well, from a Primark in Glasgow, because you never get such pretty things in an Austrian Primark. Everytime we went to a Primark in Vienna, we go home with nothing. Primarks in Great Britain have so much more clothes and not just only basic stuff and the best part o fit – they really have sizes from 32 to 50. Honestly we mananged to spend one whole afternoon at a Primark in Glasgow.

Since most of our journeys are done now, we will focus again on our blog. We have a lot stuff to show you from our vacations. But since we missed our Fuck The Size in July we’re going to start with that.
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