Glasgow Recap

Glasgow Recap


Incredible how time flies in summer. It’s been already a month since we visited our friend Madeeha in Glasgow. Yes normally she is living with us in Vienna and was only “home” for a month, but when you get the chance to see a new city (and visit your friend) you take it. When looking at the pictures, you’ll maybe notice that it has been more about friend time than visiting Glasgow per se, since our Scottish heart still belongs to Edinburgh. Nonetheless, we found some really pretty places in Glasgow and just left our hearts in Glasgow university, aka Hogwarts. At this point we should warn you, this post contains more pictures than our normal posts, but what can we say? When the three of us are together (or the two of us have two hours to spend at an airport, like in the next pictures) there’s one thing that happens a lot: shenanigans. So in case you are looking for inspiration on, how to dance at one of the prettiest lakes in Scotland to non existent music, or wear matching Harry Potter outfits in the city and share your Potter love with everyone in Glasgow, this is the right place to be. ????

Glasgow_1 collage Glasgow_14 Glasgow_38 Glasgow_16 collage-4 Glasgow_23 Glasgow_36 Glasgow_31 collage-1 Glasgow_13 Glasgow_37 Glasgow_35 collage-2 Glasgow_17 Glasgow_39

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