The last sign of summer?

The last sign of summer?

jatrice_jasmin_plussize_curvy_ summer_skirt_outfit_17 jatrice_jasmin_plussize_curvy_ summer_skirt_outfit_12 jatrice_jasmin_plussize_curvy_ summer_skirt_outfit_13I’m a bit torn lately. Part of me doesn’t want the summer to end yet. I mean for the first time since we started blogging, I would still have really nice outfits to show you guys. I’m a bit scared these outfits won’t fit me next year, but let’s see what I can transfer to Autumn.  ????
The other part is really looking forward to days in Autumn when you stroll through streets of colourful leaves, don’t die because of spontaneous heat outbreaks and you have finally more time to deal with all the stuff, that’s going on in your life. This summer has been really special to me, but (to be completely honest) I haven’t really “worked on stuff”. Even rarely updating the blog has been quite a challenge. But for the first time in forever, I could regularly pack my bags and explore the world. At the same time a new person entered my life in Vienna and turned it a bit upside down, but more about that later. In between all of this I discovered myself a bit more this summer and I feel a bit calmer, rested and more awake after the last few months. Because of that, or in the course of that I also made some big changes in my life, which will also have an effect on the blog, but I haven’t really figured out, in what ways…yet. So once again I am very vage and promise you changes in the future, believe me I’m a bit annoyed about that too. It’s just I’m so over the place at the moment and really need to sort everything out and start planing more, before I can tell you more.
Meanwhile here’s probably my last summer outfit for this year and looking back at the pictures I’m really happy how they turned out. The combination of my playful, feminine outfit and this posters for cultural events happening in Vienna is just amazing – a little bit more editorial. The Promod body was one of my more spontaneous grabs, that I definitely don’t regret. Bodys are just so comfortable and everything is in place like it should be. The skirt on the other hand is from Asos, and I ordered it in spring. I didn’t wear it in the beginning and by summer time it got too big, but as my mom always tells me, you only have to know how to help yourself (having safety pins at home definitely helps). Last but not least the eyecatcher bag, that I wore in my last outfit too and one of my all time favourite lip sticks: “Ruby Woo” by Mac. That colour!! And it even survives food and coffee. Altogether the perfect outfit for a summer date (with a guy, your friends, or like Carrie Bradshaw with yourself and your city). Throw a nice jacket on top and you are good for the coming month too. 😉

jatrice_jasmin_plussize_curvy_ summer_skirt_outfit_16 jatrice_jasmin_plussize_curvy_ summer_skirt_outfit_14 jatrice_jasmin_plussize_curvy_ summer_skirt_outfit_9 jatrice_jasmin_plussize_curvy_ summer_skirt_outfit_15 jatrice_jasmin_plussize_curvy_ summer_skirt_outfit_4

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