Free the Crop Top

Free the Crop Top

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Crop Tops, a fashion trend I’ve been eying for quite some time now, but I’ve kept my distance. You know in magazines or on social media you mostly see Kendall Jenner & Co. walking around with their super flat stomachs and sporty or elegant crop tops, and all you wanna do is try something a bit more daring too. But how many of us have that super flat stomach? Yes, even my super beautiful friends, that would definitely be “thin” in general standards (I have some problems with terms like thin and thick, that’s the reason for my complicate sentence), wouldn’t dare to put on a crop top in the street. Why is that? Cause with all the perfect illusions in a Photoshop society, that we live in, we get the message between the lines: you’re not okay if you don’t fit into our standards, and if you even have a gram of fat on your body, you shouldn’t show parts of your stomach in public. But our bodies aren’t the problem here. Of course I’m not saying that everyone should like me, definitely not, even I tried to make some healthy changes in my life and become a better me. But even in these healthy bodies we shouldn’t have one standard of beautiful. What started in high fashion magazines, now became reality on Social Media. You could scroll for hours on Instagram like you could go through of the pages of those magazines…it’s still the same concept. You get blinded by the illusion of the perfect life and body. Slowly, but steadily there are voices on Social Media fighting that picture, and even slower high end magazines start to listen too. Cause there’s not only ONE perfect life, or ONE perfect body. We are diverse, and beautiful in our uniqueness. Our body doesn’t dictate our value in any kind.
In the past few weeks I have been thinking about that topic even more than usual and I was looking for a way to find my balance. Basically, how to feel good in my own body. Cause even tho I’m in the middle of changing myself, I still know that I have to learn to accept, and love every part of my body (regardless if I try to change them or not). That’s the reason why I decided last week that my crop top from Ivyrevel, the fashion brand of our favourite blogger Kenza Zouiten, has been neglected too long in my cupboard, even if it’s in a medium size and therefore definitely still to small for me. But I combined it with a highlow skirt of Asos tho, and so I have my rolls under control.

Of course I could analyse these pics for hours until I find every detail that is “wrong” with my body, until I get so frustrated that I end up eating ice cream in an oversized sweater on my couch (yes sometimes I’m that much of a cliché). But who am I helping with that? I’m not happier or more likely to eat healthier or go to the gym, the only two things that would change my body for the better. So to do all that, to work on myself and treat my body the way I should, I need to stay positive and accept me the way I am now. Cause everybody who has been struggling with himself knows, if you hate yourself or your own body you’ve already lost the fight. To be able to change yourself, you still need to accept and love yourself the way you are now. Frustration or self loath are one of the hardest things and keep you trapped in a negative circle. But I didn’t want to dive in so deep in that matter this time, whoops. Maybe my crop top and my rolls inspired me too much..haha

PS: Did you guys notice my bag? It’s from Furla and was a present of my godmother for my graduation. I love the mixture of playful and elegance. Probably cause I always try to be elegant but my inner kid still ends up coming to the surface. 😛

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