Trends for fall – part 1

Trends for fall – part 1

The last trendpost was quite some time ago. But like many of you, I am always looking for new inspiration. Whether on Pinterest or Instagram, there are so many different sources of inspiration, but sometimes it is hard to find the right one. I personally am always searching for inspiration on Swedish blogs, because most of them are always up to date when it comes to fashion. It was not so easy for me to decide which trends I’m going to talk about, because there are so many things I would like to wear in autumn, but unfortunately are not yet available in Austria. With today’s trendpost, it was also very important to me not to use preoduct pictures of the online shops. I want to show you how the products look like on a normal person. So that the blog entry won’t become too long, I decided to split this trendpost and show two products this week and two other trends next week.

Trend 1: Baker Boy Cap or Captian’s Cap

I would like to start this trend post with my absolute favorite trend for autumn 2017. You have seen it already in the last two outfit posts, but an It piece, I don’t want to miss this year is the captain’s cap or Baker Boy cap. There are many names for this cap, but in the end we all mean the same. The captain’s cap was already trendy in the 1920’s on the streets of Paris and was until then mainly carried by men. Today we women are wearing these caps! I wear the cap almost every second day, but it can give each of my outfits the perfect finish. If I’m missing something with an outfit, then I wear the cap. If I have one of my “Bad Hair Days”, I wear the cap. If it is a rainy day and do not want to carry an umbrealla with me, I wear the cap. You see, the cap is versatile! I know last year in Sweden the cap was already THAT it piece, but it was not really available for us in Austria. This changed now and you can buy the cap at H & M or Asos!

Trend 2: Sockpumps

My second trend, that I would like to write about, are definitely sockpumps. I know I know they are not everyone’s thing! Admittedly, in the beginning I was skeptical about this trend too. The first outfit pictures I’ve seen – they did not really convince me. Only when I saw the first bloggers in their outfits with sockpumps, I started liking them. Most important when it comes to sockpumps, is the right styling! The first couple of sockpumps I saw were at H & M, which were sold out every time, when I wanted to order them. At some point I had already given up the hope that these shoes might be available one day. So I did not hesitate, of course, and ordered them as soon as I could. I was positively surprised about the quality that was very good and the comfort was also more than good due to the very low heel. But don’t mind, now you can get sockpumps everywhere at Zara, Mango or Asos. I will probably wear sockpumps mainly in combination with pants. You can combine them with dresses too, but I have not yet found the matching dress – but I will surely find one soon. And who knows, maybe we can shoot a F*ck the Size with sockpumps?


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