A Splash of Yellow

A Splash of Yellow

jatrice-yellow-leather-jacket-curvy-plussize-outfit-vienna-blogger-fall-10 jatrice-yellow-leather-jacket-curvy-plussize-outfit-vienna-blogger-fall-4a jatrice-yellow-leather-jacket-curvy-plussize-outfit-vienna-blogger-fall-3 jatrice-yellow-leather-jacket-curvy-plussize-outfit-vienna-blogger-fall-11 jatrice-yellow-leather-jacket-curvy-plussize-outfit-vienna-blogger-fall-2

Thank god the weather has been really nice the last few days, but you can’t deny it anymore: autumn is here and winter will follow soon. So it’s time to put out your fall jackets, and I already found my favourite jacket for this season at C&A. I really like to wear darker colours in darker months but this autumn I fell in love with bright colours like red and yellow and when I saw this yellow leather jacket I simply fell in love. To be honest I was really surprised, cause I haven’t been to C&A in ages, still relating old fashioned basics to the brand, but especially their Clockhouse collection is really nice this season (I also flirted with another black leather jacket). I’m pretty sure we don’t have to tell each other how much we all love an “all black everything outfit”, but this little splash of colour upgrades the whole look. Even better: C&A has always had clothes tailored for women in every size, so it wasn’t difficult to find the perfect one for my shape.

I don’t know if you remember, but you’ve seen this top last year quite a few times (for example in one of our last Lookbook Videos on Youtube), but I mean choker and top in one? Yes please! Same goes with the bag and the shoes, some pieces just become sort of classics in your wardrobe collection (especially if they’re black). And I already warned you guys, that you gonna see this pants a lot for this autumn. ????

BTW this will be the last outfit for me with my “dark” hair. For those of you that haven’t seen it on Instagram yet. I finally dared to dye my hair and joined “Team Blonde” now, of course in my beloved balayage style. More pictures on our account. 😉


jatrice-yellow-leather-jacket-curvy-plussize-outfit-vienna-blogger-fall-12 jatrice-yellow-leather-jacket-curvy-plussize-outfit-vienna-blogger-fall-9jatrice-yellow-leather-jacket-curvy-plussize-outfit-vienna-blogger-fall-1

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