Our Viennese Picture Marathon 2017

Our Viennese Picture Marathon 2017


Yes, time flies! Faster than we knew at all, one year had already passed and the next Fotomarathon was coming. Since this is now a tradition, we did not want to miss it. If you have been following us a bit longer on our blog, you might remember that last year’s Fotomarathon was one of the most difficult ones for us. We had a bad basic mood, the topics were not very appropriate for us and it was a time when the creativity was a bit missing. This year we wanted to handle the Fotomarathon a little bit differently – we planned to take photos, that are not aimed to please the jury, but they have to please us instead. To be honest, we were a bit surprised when we had the theme list in our hands, since there is no longer a half marathon with twelve themes, now the complete marathon has only twelve themes. (Are we the only ones who missed this?) But our basic mood was just amazing on that day. We had a lot of motivation and creativity and to be quite honest – we love every single picture!

fotomarathon-wien-jatrice-ergebnisse-bildergalerie-fotos-bilder-themen-2017-fotowettbewerb-riesig-winzig-unten-durch-englisch fotomarathon-wien-jatrice-ergebnisse-bildergalerie-fotos-bilder-themen-2017-fotowettbewerb-im zentrum-englisch fotomarathon-wien-jatrice-ergebnisse-bildergalerie-fotos-bilder-themen-2017-fotowettbewerb-wiener-kunst(werke)-qual-der-wahl-englisch fotomarathon-wien-jatrice-ergebnisse-bildergalerie-fotos-bilder-themen-2017-fotowettbewerb-metall-abenteuer-im-grünen fotomarathon-wien-jatrice-ergebnisse-bildergalerie-fotos-bilder-themen-2017-fotowettbewerb-essen-in-wien-markiert-englisch fotomarathon-wien-jatrice-ergebnisse-bildergalerie-fotos-bilder-themen-2017-fotowettbewerb-schnell-langsam-englisch fotomarathon-wien-jatrice-ergebnisse-bildergalerie-fotos-bilder-themen-2017-fotowettbewerb-I-AM-CELEBRATING fotomarathon-wien-jatrice-ergebnisse-bildergalerie-fotos-bilder-themen-2017-fotowettbewerb-Zeit-vergeht...-englisch

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