Trends for fall – part 2

Trends for fall – part 2

As promised today, there is the second part of my Trendpost for fall 2017. In this article, too, I would like to talk about two other trends which I would like to wear or wear at this time of the year.

Trend 3: Pearls

I would like to start with a trend, which has already been announced easily in the spring, but only now has its breakthrough in fall. Pearls! Whether on jeans, tops or coats – pearls are an absolute must-have this fall! This time I wear a shirt from Zara, that is embroidered with a few pearls on the chest. It is the perfect shirt with which you can quickly go out of the house, without necessarily being overdressed to work. I have another blouse, which, in contrast, was embroidered with big pearls, which is a real eyecatcher, but I show you these in one of the coming outfitshoots. In my wardrobe is also a pair of jeans waiting to be photographed.

Trend 4: pants with stripes

My latest trend, which I would like to introduce to you, is pants or leggings with stripes on the outside of the legs. Meanwhile, you know me a bit and you know that I sometimes need a little time to warm up with trends, but this time it was love at first sight. You can style these types of pants in so many different ways. With sneakers and a hoodie, you’re sporty – with black highheels and leather jacket you’re rocking. After losing some of my weight, I thought I had sworn off leggings, but for this occasion they are definitely going back into my wardrobe!

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