Goals: Be happy!

Goals: Be happy!

My last outfit had been long time go. However, we have not been able to shoot a real outfit for a long time. I had once started to shoot one, but then I did not like the whole style of the photos and it was then suddenly too warm for the outfit that I have worn and I prefer not post an outfit with which I am not satisfied.

Maybe you question yourself why you don’t hear that much from me lately? This question is not so easy for me to answer. Do you know the feeling when you have so many thoughts in mind, but do not even have the time to properly organize them? It feels like they are always one step ahead of me, and time flies and passes and passes, but you experience all thoughts incidentally and never consciously? That’s the way I am feeling lately. I want to make everything right and forget about the person whom I owe most, namely myself. While I try to help everyone and read each one’s wishes from the lips, I realize how I feel worse, because I took less care about myself and my health. I get sick every other week, I’m having headache most of the time and worst of all: my motivation is gone. That’s why I’ve decided to spend some more time with myself, mainly doing the things that I want to do and that will do me good. Another reason why I like fall so much is that it feels like a new beginning (probably because of school).

But now to my outfit: after my favorite season, spring, fall is my second favorite one. I love the colors, the dark red, the yellow of the leaves that, when they fall to the ground, form a path of gold. And after wearing only short dresses or pants in the summer, I like the feeling of wearing more fabric on my body again. The outfit I’m wearing will definitely be one of my favorites this fall. I love these kinds of shirt dresses that are so easy to wear. Combined with a leggings with stripes, as they are modern this fall, it becomes a stylish, yet comfortable outfit. The Baker Boy Beanie must not be missing anymore. And the background of the Stadtpark completes the outfit.

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