All eyes on you

All eyes on you

The year is almost over and due to the falling leaves we can see that winter is finally on ist way. As mentioned in the last years, I am not a big fan of cold, but I have to admit that this year I am looking forward to the cold days and, of course, to the Christmas season and we have many plans for christmas again.

But first, to my outfit that I want to show you today: Every time I wore this sweater, the weather is actually quite inappropriate. Because every time I decide to shoot that sweater, it’s just too hot outside. On that day I felt the same way, as soon as the sun showed, I wanted to tear him from my body. Still, I’m a big fan of the pullover and I fell in love the second I saw it. He may not be a piece for everyone with the “Klimbim”, but I think the sweet plush eyebrows give it the special touch! To be honest, I have to wash the sweater upside down and after washing it I also have to brush my eyebrows with a small brush, but it’s definetely worth it. Combined with the plaid shirt in red and white, the pullover does not look too dark for the fall season either. I also wanted to wear my beloved sock pumps again, which I can still recommend to everyone. The height and color are just perfect for fall. And while the outfit is generally so simple, you get plenty of looks on the streets!


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