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Curvy Revelista

Plus size Outfit with Ivyrevel 4

My first real outfit in autumn and all the colorful leaves are almost gone. It’s crazy how fast the time has passed but between work, university, my Hong Kong trip and my accident was there was hardly any time to finally shoot an outfit again. And my fall wardrobe was pretty empty at the beginning of the season because most of my stuff just does not fit anymore. So I had to go shopping and fortunately our favorite blogger Kenza Zouiten had a little sale with her fashion line Ivyrevel and I was able to buy my Ruffled Top. I’m still excited about this trend ’cause I like the playful note. In addition to that I tried something new and put on a red coat, which I found at Primark. Sometimes you really discover some treasures there. I bought the jeans together with Beatrice at New Look in July in Scotland and luckily bought it in a smaller size, because now it fits perfectly and like the blouses from Erdem x H&M, which we showed you last time, the cherry blossoms on my pants already make me dream about spring. Of course, this is a little too early and I’m really looking forward to Christmas (especially because this will be the first Christmas together with my boyfriend in the apartment), but you can dream of warmer days again, right? ???? Before that happens, luckily, I will be going to a warmer place in February, so this winter should be half as bad. Finally, my favorite shoes of the season: the sock boots, which just always fit.

Small steps, put one foot in front of the other and suddenly you are back on the right path

To be honest, at the beginning I was really excited about this outfit. I felt confident and sexy and fitting in one of the pieced from Ivyrevel in L of course also made me feel good. But since we had to photograph these pics in quite a bit of stress, because the sun was blinding us like crazy and I was not so sure about the choice of outfit at the end, I was rather dissatisfied when I first looked at the photos. Wich does not really surprise me this time, I have not worn such tight jeans and a tight top for years. A combination, which then shows every bacon roll that is still on my body (and there are a few;)). Deep down inside me I know that it’s okay – that I still look good, can be confident and sexy. But in the last two weeks I’ve had a bit of a down period again (I blame it a bit on the weather, without sun I’m just not functioning), and my days often start with a long to-do list and little motivation. After I finally get out of bed after a long time and then I’m ready to do things, I have to quickly go to work or to a meeting and my to-do list stays where it is and just gets longer and longer. You can not imagine how that frustrates me sometimes and also affects my mood. I notice, then how I become even more unmotivated and just stuck in a negative spiral. Luckily I try to be one of those people who see every day as a new start. I have to admit sometimes I give up on a day earlier than necessary but at least the next morning I try to get better and at least do some things. I think that’s sometimes the only thing we can do: if everyday life gets too much and sometimes we just want to hide in bed:

Small steps, put one foot in front of the other and suddenly you are back on the right path …



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