Jatrice vs. The Cold

Jatrice vs. The Cold

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The last few days the cold has finally moved in and we are all walking around the city, wrapped up in thousand layers of clothes, shaking from the cold, while dreaming about warm beaches. Winter is here. While it’s only happening once every few centuries in Game of Thrones, we have to face the cold every year. But at least that gives us some training on how to fight the freezing temperatures.
This year Peek & Cloppenburg asked us about our best method on how to stay warm during autumn and winter and our answer number one is: the parka. Cause no matter how beautiful coats can be, as long as they are not made out of down feathers, they can never be as warm as the parka. And for those that think, parkas can’t be fashionable, just look at the colourful ones like Beatrice’s or the ones with the most beautiful embroidery. Plus: the hood! Which proved to be super practical, when we took these pictures. Cause the second we stepped out of our homes, it had to start to rain of course. Which we, thanks to the warm fluff, we didn’t even notice much. The only downside: it’s a bit hard to understand each other when you have all this fluffiness around you. ????


We also selected our favourite parkas from the site, to give you some more inspiration on how to stay warm in the next few months 😉

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  • 4 months ago

    Die Parkas sehen einfach klasse aus! Ich habe auch einen zu Hause und ziehe ihn bei diesem Wetter, so gut wie jeden Tag an. 😀

    Liebste Grüße

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