Purple Coat

Purple Coat

The last shoot really feels like ages ago. And after such a long time it was really difficult to get back into that whole shooting “feeling”. How to pose properly so that it looks good on a photo? Often it is not so easy to pay attention to all these little things like facial expressions or attitude at once. Not only that you feel uncomfortable at first, the weather also plays an important role. Now that the winter is slowly coming to an end, you have to pay attention to the weather too. For example, we had real problems with the light this time, not because it was as gray in gray as usual – no … but because everywhere the sun has cast us shadows.

Nonetheless, I really want to show you this outfit. I think you can see very well what the eyecatcher should be in this outfit. The purple coat that has been waiting for months to be carried by me. The rest of the outfit is actually¬†unspectacular – a leather-look leggings combined with a white top-blouse. You know, if I ever set a color accent, then the rest must be relatively clean for me. I was also very happy to be running my new Stan Smiths sneakers for the first time. And even if the winter had a little relapse with this weekend, I’m happy as soon as spring is finally here and you can really hide the coats completely in the closet.

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