Chub Rub Season

Chub Rub Season

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Today’s blog post title doesn’t make any sense to you? Then you’re probably one of those lucky women who doesn’t have to ask themselves every summer: Do I put on long trousers or do I suffer sooner or later after a hot, sweaty day with sore thighs. The so-called “chub rub” can meet not only us Curvy Girls, but also those with smaller hips. You wear an airy dress, it’s hot, you start to sweat, and keep walking, and there he is.

My personal suffering with this problem used to go on for years and even left scars and sometimes bleeding wounds (I was very persistent when it came to my outfit choice). Unfortunately, baby powders, vaseline and the like have only ever provided a brief remedy. To make sure you don’t feel that way in the future, and so that you can now wear every dress and skirt painlessly, I have collected a few tips that you will never have to fear again with your thighs worn down. 😉

 Number 1 of my absolute favorite tricks is and remains Shape Wear. Available in different colours, it not only protects you from rubbing thighs, but also shapes the affected area a little. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves, but sometimes I get a little more courage to wear more daring outfits. Of course I reach for extra thin shorts at warm temperatures, because otherwise it just gets too hot. The advantage of the shorts: They never let you down and really prevent any friction. The disadvantage: above a certain temperature it gets too hot to wear them.

As an alternative to shaping shorts there are also so-called bandelettes. They basically look like the top of stockings (much better than Shape Wear thanks to the lace) and are simply placed on the thigh. Actually the bandelettes would be my absolute favourite, because they are also a real eye-catcher optically, but unfortunately I haven’t found a brand where I was completely satisfied and didn’t have to fight with slipping or too tight bands.

Last but not least, there are also application aids. For example the Silky Underwear Powder from Lush, or the so-called Body Glide Sticks. Both products last much longer than vaseline or baby powder, but they also need to be refreshed several times a day.


But if it is already too late for you, and your thighs are already burning and red, it is important that you have them:

1. if possible, keep them apart as quickly and as long as possible so that they do not wear themselves out even further

2. how wounds are cleaned, disinfected and gently cooled to relieve pain

Caution with creams & co. which can often be perfumed or contain alcohol and irritate the area even more, but a little healing ointment never hurt nobody. 😉

If you have any other tips for the summer, you are welcome to comment on them here and I will try them out right away!

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