When adulthood hit me and how I handle it

When adulthood hit me and how I handle it

If I think back only one year ago, then I realize that I have changed quite a bit in these 12 months. Twelve months ago, my attention was largely on my friends, with who I met almost daily to enjoy life. A white spritzer during summer here, a few hours of sunbathing there and inbetween a little bit of work stop the work. Today, the whole thing looks different somehow. I only see my friends, if the times allows us all, university is becoming more important and the work is no longer a part-time job. Without realizing it, I grew up somehow.


Diary as a lifesaver (or second brain)

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”

I am now 25 years old and I remember very well as a child how I kept questioning my mom as she scribbled all kinds of appointments in her small desk calendar in the kitchen. From small doctors appointments to garage appointments for the car. As a child, I never understood why she could not remember the few dates, because I could do it too. “At some point you’ll understand,” she kept saying. “When you grow up, then you will understand me.” And like so many things, she was right too. As a kid, you do not get what’s behind all those numbers and letters. What thoughts and possibly even worries accompany us – because as children we were carefree. As I grew older year by year, and started handling my life more and more on my own and my appointments not only consisted of meeting friends, then I realized that everyday stress can make us forgetful – and now I am the one who really puts everything in her calendar.

Honesty saves everyone’s time

I am a person who will always try, until the rest of my life, to please all the people in his life. Very often it happened that I was rushed from one appointment to the next, just so that I did not have to cancel anyone and that no one got hurt. Stressed and totally exhausted I lied in my bed and as I let the day pass, I realized that I could not really enjoy any of the meetings. And the only one who felt unhappy at the end of the day was me. At some point I realized that this was not useful for any of us and I started to see people maybe longer, but less often. I also started to tell people honestly, “No, I do not have time for a meeting,” or “I’m sorry, but I’d rather stay home tonight.” How amazed I was that no one was angry or grumpy, but at some point I also understood that I only made the stress by myself.

Let’s wander where the wifi is weak
But my biggest possibility of escape is my boyfriend. My boyfriend, who lives outside of Vienna and to who I can only reach by train within an hour. “Doesn’t that bother you, if you always have to take the train and drive for an hour?” And from the beginning, I could answer without hesitation: No! It’s hard to find the right words for how I feel when traveling by train. It’s like I’m leaving all my worries in Vienna and the further I get away from it, the bigger is the distance to my worries. If we go for a walk together in beautiful green or spontaneously drive to Styria for hiking, if the network connection gets worse and worse, that gives me a feeling of freedom.




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