Summertime Sadness…

Summertime Sadness…


…. or maybe not. Around this time, each year, we are always feeling a little torn. Part of us just cannot say goodbye to summer. Goodbye to all the adventures, the days and nights at the water and hours of conversations that feel like a second. The other part, however, is ready for something new.

Ready to dive into the next adventure, relaxed and charged with inspiration. It’s probably the twelve years of school (and a few more years of university), but for both of us autumn has always been THE time of the year that promises new things. That’s why we’ve probably had some changes here on as well, so the blog can grow up with us.

Speaking of new beginnings: Of course, we don’t have annual resolutions only, but also “autumn resolutions”.

Resolution number 1: Listen to me!

… or rather, listen to yourself! Too often your body and your mind tells you exactly what he needs, but you just do not listen. The rest of the world is just a bit louder. The music around us, whether it’s social media, Netflix, or whatever other “drug” you’re consuming on a daily basis, all these things are three times as loud as the small, tender voice within you … until that little voice grows louder and louder , And more often it just makes BOOM! If you’re lucky it’s just a cold, but every now and then you don’t get off that easy. The little voice that says “Listen to me, I need a little bit of attention” disappears and suddenly opens up to a big, gaping hole of emptiness, which usually does not stop growing and devouring everything it can get its hands on.

If you like us, you have to be very careful to prevent that from happening especially during the winter months! That is why listening or learning to listen is at the top of our list!

Resolution Number 2: A tidy house, a tidy mind!

Work, college, friends, family … we all would need days that last 48 hours rather than 24 hours “only” from time to time. Then in between all this back and forth, the days are passing like sand between your fingers! The worst is: You start to live for the next weekend, the next day off, and feeling like you’re exhausted at the same time while you’re not really able to get anything done! Our antidote: structure! It may sound weird, but whenever we manage to get a bit of order (but not too much) into our lives and that starts with small things like fixed schedule each day where we sit down and only study, everything else suddenly falls into place! You don’t run from A to B anymore, afraid to forget everything, or even worse, always sitting with a guilty conscience when you’re meeting your friends or having a movie night with a friend at home instead of studying.

Resolution number 3: Jump in at the deep end!

When did we all become victims of the content? Are you able to remember when you last sat down and wrote something, painted a picture or or did something else – just for the sake of doing it? Without knowing where the journey will take you or what will come out at the end or even having it pass a quality check in the end.  To let one’s own creativity run without embarking on the purpose having to “produce content” in the end.

The last of our resolution is quite simple and yet not so easy: we want to test our own limits and try to leave behind. Step out of our creative comfort zone, because somehow it was already way too boring there anyway and just jump in at the deep end, even if that means, we have to sit in front of a blank page , stand in front of the empty screen or hiking with our Camera without a target around for hours first, until we’ve been inspired be the Muses! 😉

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