Travel Diary – A Journey through Corsica

Travel Diary – A Journey through Corsica

Travel Diary – A Journey through Corsica


Better late than never here you have my post about my trip to Corsica. The fact that we decided to go to Corsica was quite spontaneous. As many of you know, we travel to Sardinia almost every year. But this time we wanted to see something else and since Corsica is indeed the island before Sardinia, it just turned out so well. And right at the beginning I can only tell you one thing: Corsica will definitely see me again!


In total, we spent five days in Corsica. First of all, we went to Italy by car, to be exact, to Livorno. From there we took the four-hour ferry to Bastia. Bastia is the capital city of Corsica, where we unfortunately had too little time. The only thing we saw from Bastia was the big main square at the harbor and a few sweeping alleys when we were looking for our car. Overall, we spent maybe two hours in Bastia. But even in Bastia I noticed the friendliness of the French – just as the expensive prices, when it comes to food or gasoline.


Then we continued along the east coast in the direction of Lecce- because there was our small apartment. From there it was not far to Porto Vecchio. Porto Vecchio is the third largest city in Corsica and I believe the center of tourism. The city is located on a hill at the inner end of the deep eight-kilometer-long Gulf of Porto-Vecchio and consists of the fortified by an old town. Believe me, there are so many beautiful bays with white sandy beaches. Although we were there at the beginning of July, it was already full of tourists. But not very surprising when you see these beaches.

However, the highlight in Corsica for me personally was Bonifacio. Bonifacio is famous for its steep cliffs of white lime. But not only is the old town famous for its location or the view – it is the history that makes Bonifacio so special for me. The medieval town dates back to the founding of the Tuscan margrave Bonifacio in 833. Its location on the straits between Sardinia and Corsica and its safe haven have made the city a hotbed of warfare over the centuries, transforming it into a massive fortress with a citadel over the centuries. I was most impressed by the royal staircase “Escalier du Roi d’Aragon”, a stairway carved steeply into the cliff. With its 187 steps (which are very high and slippery) and a 45 degree incline, the legend says that it was carved into the rock by the troops of the King of Aragon Alfonso V in 1420 after the siege of Bonifacio. Walking through the alleys of Bonifacio, it feels like you have been put back in time.

I can only recommend you to travel to Corsica once. For me it was certainly not the last time, because after we drove along the east coast, I would like to go to the west coast with Calvi or Ajaccio, to see the birthplace of Napoleon. As you can see, Corsica is the perfect destination if you want a beach holiday with a bit of history and culture.

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    die bilder sind so so schön! steht auch auf meiner travel liste!!! war dort als ich noch so klein war, kann mich kaum erinnern :))) xx

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