Friendship at first sight

Friendship at first sight


“Jasmin, shut up.” That was one of the first things that Beatrice threw at Jasmin across the classroom back in 2007. In her defense, Jasmin just started to sing “Jingle Bells” loudly in class for the fourth time in September, just to annoy certain classmates or professors (we do not exactly know that exactly anymore). Yes, you can say a lot of positive things about our friendship, but it was definitely not “love at first sight”. That was probably mostly due to the fact that at halftime of our  high school years , we were suddenly thrown into completely new classes and even so some teachers with their snappy comments did not make this change so easy.

It took a good four years for us to become friends – but we actually only got that close after school in 2010. And pretty soon we spent more evenings in the bar for hours talking about everything and nothing, rather than dancing in overcrowded clubs. Somewhere between the common love of coffee, London, a somewhat longer phase of falling for a certain boyband (yes, we were all young at some point), it was then: We against the rest of the world.

The real adventure, however, has only really started in the last two years. We finally grew up, fell in love, moved into our first own apartments and always had the certainty that there was someone to support you. No matter if you paint many walls together, dance to loud music in an empty apartment, or always listen to the little stumbling rocks and everyday hurdles of our relationships.

Even if we never thought that we would experience so much together, one thing was clear to us from the beginning (as boring as it sounds): Quality always comes before quantity. And having a friend who accompanies you through life like a sister or soulmate is better than 1,000 others. The older, or rather the more mature we get, this not only applies to friendships, but also to the things we value: a piece of clothing, a perfume, a book or jewelry. What used to excite us for only a few weeks was quickly exchanged and sometimes even faster worn down. But now we prefer to rely on a few, elegant and at the same time timeless treasures and take care of them with much love, so that they can accompany us as long as possible on our way. And what is more timeless than a elegant pair of earrings or a subtle ring that you can wear every day. Sometimes less is simply more (especially when you add a little sparkle in the form of diamonds;)). You are still looking for a small, certain something? Here we have some inspiration for you together with Thomas Sabo!

*In friendly cooperation with Thomas Sabo

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