4 steps…

4 steps…

to really turn the last grinch into Cindy Lou Hoo:

I love Christmas. So much that even in September I used to sing Jingle Bells loudly in my school days. Somehow everything is different this year. The Advent season is in full swing and the Christmas magic is passing me by. To change that I thought about a “little battle plan” last weekend, which should help me back to getting into the mood for Christmas. In order to “help” you, I wrote down the steps exactly.


  • Okay, let’s start with the “classic” step. Vienna is probably one of the most beautiful cities at Christmas time and is bursting with sweet temptations and lots of punch just for the sweet Christmas markets. Unfortunately, these Christmas markets are bursting with hordes of tourists. Unfortunately, those who, like me, only have time in the evening or at the weekend, or one of these people who do not get enough of being crushed by strangers, roaring, screaming children and flesh, have to dissuade me from this method – because you are here rather becomes a misanthropic than anything else.
    For all who have time in the morning, or just stand on such crowds, the “Holy Triad” Spittelberg, Karlsplatz and Schönbrunn is to be recommended in any case. If it’s too cold in Schönbrunn, you’ll find the imperial feeling in Belvedere, and there’s even a photobooth (in which I crushed my whole family).
  • Should you still be determined to leave the house to get a little Christmas feeling from outside, but you spend all the bright hours at work (* soft sobs *) and have enough coats, scarves, hot water bottles and portable heating stands – Are you ready for the most beautiful walk of the year? From the Stephansplatz go off, you have to dig through the ditch and on the way to the Hofburg sometimes in the masses, but at the latest arrived at the ring, there is enough space for all (and much less people) and the most beautiful lighting. A little tip: For those who are too cold, just in the 1st and secure a window seat!
  • For those of you who are either too cold now, or who are about to face a nervous breakdown of all the crowds, I have good news: all the rest of your steps are well done from home. The first step is to decorate the Christmas playlist, slip into the Christmas jumpers (what you do not have, so without my reindeer onesie, nothing at all) and decorate with wobbly movements that remind you of an electric shock in all the Christmassy kitsch found in the boxes from the basement.
  • If nothing has worked so far, or if your Christmas decorations and candles look like they’re going up in flames – there’s another option. Watch a Christmas movie. And no, I do not mean the rather embarrassing selection of Christmas movies on Netflix like Christmas’s Wedding Planner and their names, but the good old classics that Netflix lost the license for. Above all, of course, actually love. But love does not need a holiday, Santa Clause, While you’re sleeping or the Grinch (the current movie is also very cute) are always a good idea!

This list could probably be much longer (bake cookies, hello!) But what I’ve become aware again this weekend is that in addition to all the hustle and bustle in the Christmas time actually only two things are so really important and without the reflections actually as well as unthinkable: time for friends and family and (in no case too contemptible) time for yourself.




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